Are you anxious about your company’s future cash flows?

Easily create professional-grade financial forecasts that are flexible and intuitive.

Identify your cash flow needs ahead of time, and examine scenarios to reveal optimal decisions.


Robu Genius instills a process that transforms management teams into proactive, data-driven decision makers and financial strategists.


What is Robu Genius used for?


Visibility & insights

Use Robu Genius to quantify the financial impact of your business choices, gain cash flow visibility and critical insights, and make more confident decisions.

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Proactive financial planning

If you are looking to navigate financial uncertainty and reap the rewards of better planning, but have had enough of confusing spreadsheets and mind-numbing financial reports, then you've come to the right place!

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Powerful Forecasting

Gives you visibility on future performance and multi-scenario analysis.

Beautiful Dashboards

Translate your numbers to an easy to understand narrative.

Alerts & Notifications

Pointing you to action items and insights.

Quickbooks Integration

Facilitates importing of historical data.

Customer Success Team

Ensures smooth workflow and maximum benefit.


What our customers say:

"I generally like the interface and it’s user friendly. I already feel much more confident and in control of my future finances.”

Basma - CEO, Uraiqat Architects


"I use Robu on a monthly basis, and the cash flow visibility it provides has been tremendously helpful in setting targets and managing working capital”

Hussein - GM, Makita Jordan


Who is Robu Genius for?


looking to get a better handle on cashflow and performance, and empower finance managers with CFO capabilities 

Finance managers

looking to provide management, directors or shareholders with intuitive financial forecasts

Advisers & external accountants

looking to enhance their service offerings by providing their clients with flexible forecasting and intuitive financial planning